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about mrk office

Doing professional and researching projects of architecture. Teaching architecture to young people, considering the lack of proper academic area in the north of Iran. Studying and providing innovative models to settle the shantytown and those who have been hurt by natural disasters. Designing fast-to-build houses for the times of emergency. Designing fast-to-build houses for the times of emergency. Supporting women capable in architecture and design, considering the discouraging conditions for them in Iran. Reviving and researching in architecture and local building techniques and preventing the local architecture from being faded into oblivion.


Honorable mention in global architecture and design 2018 award
Highly commended concept design project of the year 2017 in middle east architect award
Finnalist project in iran interior design award 2015
Nominated in asia architects award 2017
Nominated in Europe architecture award 2018
Nominated in asia architecture award 2018
Honorable mention in copenhagen park competition 2017
First prize in toshgoon torist complex competition 2015
Fifth prize for lorestan engineering building competition 2015
Honorable mention for prefevable architect 93 competition 2015
First prize for azad university residential complex competition 2014
Third prize for police universiry competition 2014
Honorable mention for preferable architect 91 competition 2012
Third prize for reyhan town gate competition 2012
First prize for nowshahr homafaran square competition 2011

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